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What We Do

Here are a few things Clan Little has done in the past ... We gather. We compare genealogies. We march (a lot) proudly with our tartan. We meet new and old friends. We educate in our communities and schools. We compete. We volunteer at blood drives and community events for children. We give scholarships for Scottish education such as dance, piping, and language study. We worship together. We meet interesting people. We honor our military. We party! WE CELEBRATE BEING NAMED LITTLE Membership gives you access to the newsletter "The Reiver" and its archives, the Quartermaster's store where you can buy branded jewelry and clothing, including the "Little of Morton Rig" tartan fabric (although we do not make kilts), and our extensive genealogy database. Annual dues for Clan Societies across America are $25, but we're keeping costs to a minimum so we can charge only $10 US per year (about £8, 9€, or $15 NZ) and we intend to maintain that price. Of course, if you are a Life Member, you're already paid up! Just contact register and let us know you're a lifetime member registering.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Clan Little

To view the contents of our archive including genealogist notes and comments, a PDF Reader like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview (for Mac) is required. If you need one, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

There are two separate types of files here.  First, there are ANCESTRAL CHARTS that can be browsed by the surname, first name, or maiden name of the member who submitted it.  This list is easy to use and navigate.  Second, there is a more sophisticated list of NAME INDEXES that can help you search for specific individuals named within those chartsThe Grouped Index along the right refers to our original genealogist, Pat Maddox, who compiled these by hand.

feature 2 Quality of our Chart Archive

Note: The contents of the charts are added to our indexes as we receive them. While we do check for things like claims of direct lineage to the last Laird Little, we do not validate every chart's lineage. We consider this the responsibility of the person submitting the chart, and those using it. If you do find issues with a chart (some are very old and new research is continually found), please let us know. In most cases, we can put you into contact with the chart member so that you can discuss the differences and determine the corrected path to benefit all. If you would like to update your chart, please send it to the genealogist with a note so that we can update the file on the site.

feature 3 Send Your Ancestor Chart in Today!

Have you completed and submitted your Ancestral Chart yet?  If not, this might be a great time to get it done.  We've made it easy for you.  Just download the form, open it on your computer (not in your web browser) and fill it out.  When it's completed, you can simply email it directly to our genealogist.

Thank you for helping us all learn more about our Little ancestors!

feature 4 Maddox Indexes We have lots of great detailed information about various lines of the Little family. As more members are added, we are able to paint a better picture of not only the histories of those members, but of the family as a whole. These indexes help us break down brick walls that other members may have. The details in these files are extremely helpful to improve the genealogy of the family at large.

Contact Us

email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.